Zoom CondomsTo live your life..... protect it ! Zoom Condoms are latex lubricated male condoms,electronically tested and hermatically sealed for maximum protection. Zoom Condoms are available in different variants to cater for different consumer tastes......Zoom Studded for maximum pleasure,Zoom Chocolate scented, to give you that attractive scent to light up your moments & Zoom Regularf or the man who know what he wants. Zoom condoms are available in packs of 3's

ZoomTargeted towards men and women. Zoom for men & Lady zoom for women. The herbal formulation proves to provide stamina & Vitality with no side effects .Available in a pack of two tablets

Woodwords gripe water Provides instant relief from wind pains , digestive upsets and teething discomforts of in children . This Brand is welll accepted, trusted & recommeded by mothers all over the world since 1851. It is available in 100ml pack