Contains acetylsalicylic acid.
Effective in the management of pain, fever, arthritis and for its anti-platelet action in ischemic strokes.  asprin

actionIs a quality Aspirin, Paracetemol & Caffeine combination brand that promises quick relief from that pounding headache. It presents itself in a 100's pack suitable for Supermarkets, Dukas and grocery shops and a smaller handy 20s pack that is suitable for pharmacies and supermarkets.

Recommended for the relief of fever. Both in children and adults. Contains Paracetamol BP 120mg / 5m

sheladolIs the recommended brand for relief of pain & fever in both children and adults. It contains paracetemol 120 mg/5ml. It is available in supermarkets, Dukas, Grocery shops & Pharmacies in a 60 ml bottle.