Is the recommended brand for relief of fever in both children and adults. It is available in supermarkets, Dukas, Grocery shops & Pharmacies in a 60 ml bottle.

dynomiteIt is a glucoline sweet dynomite enriched with Vitamin C and glucose in a sweet orange flavour,it provides instant energy during vigorous activities ,sports, travelling. Suitable for both Children & adults.

It contains tolu solution, anise oil, liquorice, capsicum tincture, creosote
Used for coughs and bronchitis and for symptomatic relief of cough and catarrhs.
Especially effective in treatment of persistent dry coughs.
Works deep down providing instant relief and soothing action to persistent coughs. 

gripe water smallHighly recommended for mothers to relieve their babies from colic arising from teething problems or flatulence.Available in 100 ml and  smaller handy 50 ML bottle

feverexContains Paracetamol BP …500mg, for the relief of pain & management of fever associated withwith colds, flu,malaria as well as other infections. Available in packs of 20's & 100's and readily in Supermarkets, Dukas and pharmacies

Contains ipecacuanha.
Trusted by mothers as an effective management for coughs in children. It is pleasant tasting demulscent and expectorant preparation for the relief of coughs associated with common cold, bronchitis and croup.