Beta Healthcare has one of the most extensive and wide distribution networks in Africa . Beta Healthcare network reaches even the most remote village shop and the largest supermarket chain in every corner to ensure that quality affordable healthcare is made available to all.


Beta Healthcare has one of the most formidable pharma team in the region . The pharma team is tasked with ensuring that Beta Healthcare products are available in every pharma store be it a small retail chemist in a quiet town or a large chain in the busy urban towns . All Pharmacy owners know and trust Beta products and do not hesitate to recommend and sell them to consumers


Beta Healthcare International Ltd has focused on manufacturing of well known and well established OTC medication and also has entered into contract manufacturing partnerships with International Manufactures for the export of unique OTC & FMCG Brands .Beta Healthcare Healthcare International Ltd brands are available in Pharmacy Shops, Duka la Dawas , kiosks, sundry shops etc. Beta products are available in every single supermarket chain in Tanzania such as Shoppers, Game, Shoprite, Uchumi, Srijees, TSN, Mek-One and Village Supermarket. Everywhere you see a supermarket you will find Beta Healthcare's OTC's & FMCG's there.


The Aspen Nutritional division offers the market infant milk formulations from the Infacare product range including Infacare 1, Infacare 2 and Infacare 3. In addition, it also houses a broad repertoire of Aspen products , Nutraceuticals and a range of suppleiments.

Beta Healthcare has ensured that its products reach far outside the Kenyan borders to touch the lives of people in other regions and bring quality affordable medical care to their doorsteps. Beta Healthcare has established a footprint into other regions like Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somali, Mauritius and is making in-roads into the West African Market. Beta Healthcare is truly a Sub Saharan company

Our region has a comprehensive through-the-trade representation which facilitate an effective and efficient movement of products from wholesalers to sub wholesalers to retailers and finally to the consumer ensuring the consumers healthcare wants

and needs are answered immediately . Beta healthcare boasts of having ample representation of its products  through the lines shelves and in all parts of our areas of operations

In interests of serving the growing consumer niche needs , the division deals with lifestyle products in the weight loss , memory enhancer, joint care, topical pain cream , liver protection, stamina and vitality categories.

A supermarket shelf is not complete if it does not have the Beta Healthcare products. Beta Healthcare products are available in every single supermarket chain in Kenya such as Nakumatt, Uchumi, Tuskys, Naivas, Jack and Jill, Chandarana, Ukwala and Eastmatt. Everywhere you see a supermarket you will find quality Beta Healthcare products at affordable prices. The key accounts team also ensures availability of our products in restaurants, bars, hotels, and all petrol forecourts in the region

VANS SALES DIVISION Beta Healthcare Sales Team

Beta Healthcare can boast about having the best pharmaceutical network in Sub Saharan Africa. From the little kiosks in villages to the general stores in the middle of a busy market centre, Beta Healthcare products dominate shelves. This is because of the well trained v

an sales team that ensure products reach every single shop in the country 


Aspen Agrees to Make J&J Covid-19 Vaccine in South Africa
Aspen Agrees to Make J&J Covid-19 Vaccine in South Africa

Aspen Agrees to Make J&J Covid-19 Vaccine in South Africa By Janice Kew  November 2, 2020,...

Successful 2020 Financial Year despite unprecedented challenges
Our COVID 19 Heroes - Our Nationa's Doctors, Nurses & Support Staff
Commemoration of World Pharmacist’s Day
Commemoration of World Pharmacist’s Day

Commemoration World Pharmacist’s Day

PMAYA - Award 17th Oct. 2019
PMAYA - Award 17th Oct. 2019

Shelys Pharmaceuticals Limited winner of the top Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Award, in the sector...

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Pharmaceutical Footprints - Forbes

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Safety Health & Enviroment Management

Echo Balance

Eco-balance is a key issue in the current discussions and in saving our planet.

Depletion of fossil fuels CO2 emissions and global warming are a threat to our ecologic and economic balance.

Our company aims to contribute to ensuring eco-balance by taking initiatives towards energy saving and low carbon emissions.

Environmental management protocols are being developed in accordance with ISO 14001 to enable the company to participate in Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in a near future.

Water Conservation

Beta Healthcare takes water as a resource which is limited and therefore continually puts in measures to conserve water. It comes up with Environmental Management Programmes with set targets as part of its annual objectives in Water Conservation.

Process waste water is treated to ensure set parameters are met before the water is discharged into the public sewer as per the requirements of EMCA Water Regulations of 2006. The company has in place a waste water treatment facility with enough capacity to treat the waste water to the required quality as required under the Water Quality Regulations.

Carbon Disclosure

The company compiles its energy consumption for use in calculating its carbon emission equivalent. There are measures put in place to reduce carbon emissions as part of the company’s Annual Environmental Management Programmes.

Energy Conservation

Beta Healthcare has in place an energy policy. Energy audits have been carried out and energy conservation programmes initiated as per requirements under Energy Act. The energy conservation programmes are taken as part of annual Environmental management programmes and objectives are set with targets to be achieved in energy use. Continuous monitoring of the programmes is done to ensure achievement of the set objectives and targets.

Air Emissions

Air quality measurements are done on an annual basis to ensure that what is emitted is within required regulatory requirements. Exhaust emissions from the boiler, generator and industrial trucks are measured to ensure that emissions levels are within specified regulatory limits as provided under EMCA-Air Quality Regulations, 2015. Measurements are done for particulate and VOCs in the work stations to ensure personnel are working in a conducive environment as per the requirements under Occupational Health and Safety Act-Hazardous Substance Rules and WHO guidelines.

Waste Management

Structured waste management processes are implemented. Continual improvement initiatives are undertaken on the waste handling procedures.

As per the Cap 244, the Pharmacy and Poisons Act, Laws of Kenya, all pharmaceutical wastes must be handled responsibly owing to the security risk around pharmaceutical products. The pharmaceutical waste and other hazardous wastes are handled in accordance with the Environment Management and Coordination Act (EMCA), Waste Regulations of 2006.

The wastes are segregated, recorded, properly stored before they are disposed off. All wastes are disposed off using NEMA approved waste handlers for transportation and disposal sites. Waste recycling and reuse opportunities have been implemented for non-hazardous waste.

The central waste yard at Beta has been designed for more efficient handling and compliance to the Waste Management Regulations and to the Aspen standards for waste management.

Accident Rate

Beta Healthcare has under taken a comprehensive Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment and kept in place mitigation measures for the identified risks. This has been done to proactively prevent incidents at the workplace. All incidents are investigated and corrective actions proposed and implemented to prevent reoccurrence. Key performance indicators are in place to measure SHE performance in terms of accident rates. The company aims at having minimum cases of accidents in line with its SHE policy.


Beta Healthcare takes compliance to regulatory requirements as key to its operations. It has a legal register which is updated quarterly and a legal unit which aids in updating the company on legal issues. Legal audits are done annually to check the level of compliance and propose corrective measures for any noncompliance noted.

Crisis Management

As part of its business continuity strategy, Beta Healthcare has identified the emergency situations it anticipates and kept in place emergency response plans. It has procedures for response to the emergencies and also tests these procedures periodically to ensure adequate preparedness. All employees are trained on steps to take during emergency situations.

Measures kept in place as part of emergency preparedness include having a fire safety policy in place.